Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Handwriting Without Tears Digital Access

We already have hard copies of Handwriting Without Tears, and now there is access to all the digital Teacher Resources and Student Activities. You will just need to set up your account (all resources are tied to your Gull Lake email address) and look through the resources. If you choose to assign activities for your students to do you will be able to do that as well.

Set Up Your Account:

  1. Head over to pli.lwtears.com and click on “Sign up now!”.

  1. Enter your Gull Lake email address and click “Send Verification Code”.

  1. Open the email (from Microsoft and Learning Without Tears) to find your access code. Enter that in the Verification Code box and click “Verify Code

  1. Fill in all the information in this form and click “Sign Up” at the bottom.

  1. Click on the “Access Now” button for PlusLiveInsights section.

  1. From here on you can use this link to access your account: pli.lwtears.com

Access Keyboarding Resources:

  1. Once you log in you will see your Dashboard. Here you will have access to the following resources:

  • Dashboard: This screen

  • Reports: Student Progress

  • My Class & Students: Classes/Students pulled from Synergy

  • Teaching Resources: All activities and resources

  1. To view available resources, click “Teaching Resources”. The one you want is “Student Activities Preview”. You can look at the other resources, but they are outside Learning Without Tears or PDF documents.

  1. Find your grade. You can favorite it by clicking the heart in the corner.

  1. You will now see all the keyboarding lessons and activities you can do. Click on them to view them. You can demo this for the students or just explore it.

View Available Interactive Activities:

  1. On the left side click on “Application Access” to assign activities.

  2. We have access to the Interactive Digital Teaching Tool

  1. Click and open the Interactive Digital Teaching Tool and click on “Access Web Application”. This will be the site to bookmark as you will do all your work from here.

  1. You will see all the resources you have access to use.

    • Student Edition: View a digital copy of the student hardcopy

    • Teacher’s Guide: View the Teacher’s Guide

    • Lesson Planner & Assignments: Plan activities and assign lessons to students

    • Assignment Tracker: View student progress

    • Digital Formation Tools: View interactive letter formation activities (Check out this section for letter practice!)

    • A+ Worksheet Maker: Create handwriting worksheets

Assign Student Activities:

  1. Open the Interactive Digital Teaching Tool and click on “Lesson Planner & Assignments”.

  1. You will be asked to set a start school date. You can choose whatever you wish (today or at the beginning of the year). 

  2. If you are just looking to assign an activity for your students to try, click “Blank Assignment” at the bottom right.

  1. Fill in the information needed. You will need to title the assignment, choose a start/due date, add directions (you can add audio directions as well!), and you can assign a Warm Up, Demo, or Extras (you do not need to do them all, you can just do one or all as you need). Then click “Add classes & Students”.

  1. Choose your class and students. On the next screen click “Review and Assign”.

  1. On the next screen click “Assign Lesson”. You can now view assigned lessons on the “Assignments” tab at the top right.

💡 Tip: Check out the Digital Formation Tools from this screen:

The “Wet-Dry-Try” and “Letter and Number Formations” are great practice activities!

Student Access:

  1. On the student Chromebook click on the “Student Bookmarks” folder in the top left and choose “Clever Portal”.

  1. They may be asked to sign in. Do that if needed, then click on the “HWT Digital Student App”.

  1. The “Assignments” backpack icon will list all the activities you have sent to them. Click on that and complete the assigned activities.

If you want these directions in a Document click HERE