Tuesday, April 6, 2021

PC and Web Google Drive Sync

Uploading files to your Google Drive just got easier! You can now add (or remove) files in your Google Drive without using the web interface. There is now a Google Drive (G) folder installed on your District Issued PC. It is quick and easy to do. Check out the steps below to see how. 

  • (Warning...anything you do on your PC is reflected in your Google Drive so be careful if you are deleting files from the Google (G) Drive on your Computer. More details below.)

Find Your Google Drive Folder:

  1. Make sure you are on your School Issued PC (laptop or desktop).

  2. Two places to find File Explorer:

    • Click the Folder Icon on your taskbar at the bottom (I pinned mine by right-clicking the icon and selecting “Pin to Taskbar” so it is always available).

  • Click the “Start Button” (windows icon on the lower left) and click “Documents”.

  1. On the left side click on “Google Drive (G)”.

  1. You will see both “My Drive” (your Google Drive) and “Shared Drive” (your Shared Google Drives).

Add/Remove Files to Your Google Drive Folder:

  1. You can open your Google Drive (G) folder and drag/drop any file into this window. It will live sync to your online Google Drive within seconds.

Just a Warning: These two locations are always Live Syncing!

  • Anything you do in the Web Interface is also reflected in the PC Google Drive (G) folder.

  • Anything you do in the PC Google Drive (G) folder is also reflected in the Web Interface. 

Here is a video showing how all this works: PC/Web Google Drive Sync

If you want these directions in a Document click HERE!