Monday, April 5, 2021

Create YouTube Playlist with Videos Made for Kids

Creating YouTube Playlists is a great way to share awesome learning resources with your students and families. Sharing a playlist of videos is easy because you can reorder and structure them as you need. The only issue is when videos are marked “content made for kids”. By default, YouTube will not let you add a video that is marked as “content made for kids” to a playlist. That section is grayed out and not available. Below are the steps for a workaround to allow you to create YouTube Playlists including “content made for kids” videos. 

Add Videos to a Playlist:

  1. Do a YouTube search for the video you want to add to a playlist.

  2. On that screen click the 3 dots to the right of the video description (do not click on the video to open it to view the video...stay in the seach screen).

  1. You will have the option to add it to a playlist. Add it to a playlist or create a new one.

  1. Do this with all the videos you want to be added (remember, do not click to view the video, just use the search screen as videos marked “content made for kids” will not be able to be added to playlists from the playing screen).

  1. When you are done, head back into your YouTube “Home” and go to “Library”. 

  1. Find the playlist you want to share and click the text below it reading “View Full Playlist”. 

  1. Make sure it is set to “Public” or “Unlisted” so others can see it. If you need to change the setting (if it is marked “Private) click the pencil icon to edit and choose your selection from the dropdown list.

  1. Share this URL with your students/families. 

  1. If you want to reorder the videos in the playlist click the 3 dots to the right of a video and choose your action from the dropdown list.

Any time you update videos they will be live so there is no need to resent the link.

If you want these directions in a Document click HERE!