Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Signing Into Adobe Spark

For those that have not explored Adobe Spark, it is INCREDIBLE! You can easily create all sorts of visual projects like flyers, webpages, videos, images, graphics, and more. With the EDU account, we have access to all the Spark tools, resources, and projects. Students can easily use Spark to create projects to demonstrate their learning. Head over to Spark and start creating!

Sign Into Spark with your Enterprise Account:

  1. Head to https://spark.adobe.com/.

  2. Click "Sign In".

  3. Choose "Continue with Google".

  4. Choose "Enterprise ID" (only if this option shows up...It did not on my demo student account, but staff might).




Make sure you are in Your Enterprise/School Account:

Make sure to check that you have the Premium Version. Click on your account icon in the top right and look for "Spark Premium for Education".




If you do not see "Spark Premium for Education" you may need to sign in with the steps below. I had that issue because I already had a Spark account set to my school email. I had to sign in once as an "Enterprise" account. Follow these steps one time:

  1. Sign out of Adobe Spark if you are already signed in.

  2. Head to https://spark.adobe.com/.

  3. Click "Sign In".

  4. Choose "Log in with school account".

  5. Choose "Continue with Google".

  6. Choose "Enterprise ID".

  7. You are ready to Create!

If you want these directions in a Document click HERE!