Thursday, February 4, 2021

Share Your Computer Access with Chrome Remote Desktop

As a Tech Coach (and a tech-savvy family member) I am always trying to help staff troubleshoot tech issues or explain how to do things. Often times I am not in the same building or available to sit with them in person. Sometimes I wish I could just control their computer from wherever I am. The good news is I can! By installing the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension on both devices, I can be granted permission to access and control their computer or Chromebook. This works well when someone just needs a quick tip or a long how-to help session and I am not sitting right next to them. Follow the steps below to start helping others from afar!

Setting Up Remote Desktop:

  1. The first step is to make sure BOTH computers have the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension installed. 

  2. Once the app is installed launch it. You will be asked to install a small program. Go ahead and approve.

  1. After both computers have installed all software you are ready to share. 

Sharing Your Screen:

  1. Click the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension.

  2. Choose “Remote Support” at the top and click the blue “+ Generate Code” button.

  1. Share the code that is now generated with the person you wish to have access to your device. This code will expire in 5 minutes.

  1. Once the person you are granting control to enters the code you will see a prompt to allow them permission. Click “Share”.

  1. They will have control of your mouse and access to your device. You still have control and can move the mouse and take over their control. When you are done all you need to do to stop the sharing is open the tab that the extension created and click “Stop Sharing”. This disconnects their device from yours and you are done!

Controlling Somone Else’s Screen:

  1. Click the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension.

  2. Choose “Remote Support” at the top and click the “Connect to another computer” box. Enter in the access code they shared with you and click “Connect”.

  1. You will see an image showing that you are connecting. Just wait a moment.

  1. Control their device as you see fit. When you are done you can have them disconnect (directions above) or you can go to the same screen by controlling their device and click “Stop Sharing”. This disconnects your device from theirs and you are done!

It is that simple and easy! 

Things to keep in mind:

  • Only grant permission to control your device to people you know.

  • The person controlling your device has FULL access and sees what you see on your device.

  • The access code is only good for 5 minutes. If emailing/connecting takes longer you will need to restart the process.

If you want these directions in a Document click HERE!