Thursday, December 5, 2019

Translate a Google Document

There are many ESL students in our rooms today. Google has us covered in normal conversations through the Google Translate app and site. By using the App on our mobile devices and the site on our laptops we can make communication better for everyone. Google Documents also has a built-in translator! This means all those notes, newsletters, and updates you send home to parents can be in their own language! It is easy, quick, and will be greatly appreciated by parents.

Translate a Document:
  1. Open a document in your Drive that you want to be translated.
  2. Click on “Tools” and click on “Translate document”.

  1. Name the document (it is creating a copy of the original) and choose the language you want the document translated into.

  1. Click “Translate”.

A new document will open in a new tab. Print this (or email/send home) and your parents will be able to read your document.

Just a note: This is not perfect. There will be grammar and other errors, but at least your families will be able to get the main idea and they will appreciate knowing details from your classroom!

If you want these steps in a document click HERE!