Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Projects with Google Earth

Google Earth has changed over the years. In the past, it was a huge downloadable program. Now it is a web-based tool that is easy to use. One of the things that you can do is create projects. Creating a project in Google Earth is easy, can be collaborative, and can be viewed by anyone you want (just like all other Google Tools). Head over to Google Earth and create something to share! Here is an example of what a quick tour can look like: Demo.

Create a Project:
  1. Click on the “Projects” icon.

  1. If this is your first Project you will click the “Create” button. If you’ve created a project before, you’ll see a list of your projects and you can click the “New project” button.

  1. You will need to name your project as well as add a description. By default, information from Google will be in the box. You can relace with your own, as well as your own images/videos.

  1. You can add places to your project by clicking “New feature” and searching or adding a placemark.

  1. When searching you will be asked to “Add to project”. You will be able to choose the project to add (placemark) and also be able to edit the pin style and details.

  1. You can edit these pins at any time as well. They are listed to the left of your screen. You can edit, reorder, hide from view,  and delete as you see fit.

  1. To view your project click “Present”. 

Share a Project:
After your project is complete you can share using either of these methods.
  1. Share from Google Earth:
    1. Click the share icon at the top of the editing section.
    2. Click “Advanced”.
    3. Click “Change” in the who has the access section.
    4. Choose your share settings.
    5. Share out the link.
  2. Share from Drive:
    1. In Drive find the folder created by Google Earth (Named “Google Earth”).
    2. Right-click on the file and choose “Share”.
    3. Click “Advanced”.
    4. Click “Change” in the who has the access section.
    5. Choose your share settings.
    6. Share out the link.

Project Tools:
  1. Add Photos & Videos (add images and videos to place markers)
  2. Edit Placemark (add a “pin” that sets a location the project will visit)
  3. Add 3D Views (view location in 2d “top-down” or 3D “live” view)
  4. Edit Information Text (add details to the location)
  5. Draw a Line or Shape (add lines or shapes to your map to show routes, items, etc)
  6. Add Slides (adds a full-screen intro/detail slide anywhere it is needed)
  7. 3D/2D Views (change between two and three-dimensional imagery)
  8. Fly around location (view the placemark in a 360 degree “fly-around view)
  9. Street View (click icon and place on highlighted places on the map to see Street View)
  10. Fly to Your Location (click to return to your true present location)

Project Ideas:

  • Geography tours of the world, regions, or landmarks.
  • Battles of the Revolutionary or Civil wars
  • Map of a character’s journey in a novel study
  • Track a historical person’s life travels
  • Show the timeline of anyone's life
  • Planned future travels
  • Collection of past visited locations
  • Comparing different cities/regions of the world
  • Documenting locations discussed in lessons
  • Identify important locations in a story/history
  • Do a collaborative class/group map
  • Create a "Where are they now?" map
  • … and so many more ways to use this cool tool!

If you want these steps in a document click HERE!