Friday, November 11, 2016

Uploading Files with Google Forms

It is finally here! The long awaited “Upload File” in Google Forms has arrived! You can now have students upload files from their desktop or Drive directly to you through an easy process in Google Forms. Below are the steps to see how it works. One thing to keep in mind...This is only available for GAFE accounts and can only be used in the same domain.

Uploading Files with Google Forms

  1. Create a Form. Then choose the question option of “File Upload”.

  1. Forms will run you through a Step-by-Step setup for that question.

  1. You will title the question (this will name all submissions this name to easily find later).

  1. You can set the maximum file size.

  1. You can choose/limit the uploaded file type.

  1. Then you can send the Form to your students. When they submit they will be able to choose where the file is located to upload (on their device or in their Drive).

  1. If the file is on their device it will make a copy in their Drive (they will need to be signed in to their GAFE domain). If they are sharing a Google Drive file (or once the Form creates the uploaded file in their Drive) it will share to the Form creator. Form will then also make the Form creator the owner of this file.
  2. You now just need to go to “Responses” to see the submitted files. You can see them by individual or question here.

  1. The Form also makes a folder within your Drive with all the uploaded files.

  1. Forms also puts a folder for each question within this folder. You will notice that you (Form creator) is the owner of these files.

  1. If you prefer to work in the Spreadsheet, you can create a spreadsheet with all the submitted files.

  1. Links to each file will be listed under the question.

This is a great way for students to get files to you through Forms. Keep in mind, your students will need to be signed into their Google Accounts on the device they are using. Below is a video link to the process as well:

If you want these steps in a document click Here