Sunday, May 1, 2016

Restrict Adult Content on the iPad

We know this is an issue: the freedom children have on mobile devices to do, go, and see what they want (or accidently stumble on). Many talk about setting up parental controls but get lost in the steps trying to set them up. Here are the steps to restricting adult content from being displayed on the iPad within the browser. Please keep in mind that this is not a 100% blocking technique. New sites are created all the time that are not set in the Apple filter as of yet. Parents always need to be present with younger children and monitor all web activity as well as discuss proper browsing etiquette. To get started and filter out most adult content, follow the steps below:

Restrict Adult Content on the iPad

  1. Open the “Settings” app.

  1. Tap on the “General” section (left side).

  1. Navigate to “Restrictions(right side).

  1. Select "Enable Restrictions".

  1. Enter a passcode that you will remember. You will need to do this twice. Also, you will need this passcode to enable and restrict any settings in the future. It is very important you remember this passcode.

  1. Once your passcode is selected scroll down and tap "Websites".

  1. This will open a screen where you can choose to block "All Websites", "Limit Adult Content" or block "Specific Websites Only". Tap "Limit Adult Content".

  1. The "Limit Adult Content" option will automatically block most adult websites, but you can also add more by using the "Specific Websites Only" tab. Additionally, you can manually add more websites by selecting the "Add a Website" option.

  1. Once you're finished, just close the “Settings” app and all your changes will be saved.

Here are these directions shown in a YouTube video to help:

To view these directions in a document, click Here!