Sunday, September 20, 2015

Re-Using Previously Used Google Forms

I just love them...Google Forms. They work so well and all my data is saved right into my Drive. That is a Win-Win for me! The best part is that I always have the ability to edit and tweak the Form as I need. So, I have spent hours creating all these Forms to give (Pre/Post Tests, Surveys, Data Collection, etc…) and it is a new school year. What do I do? The good news is, “Not much!” All you need to do is “reset” the Form to spill the newly collected data into a new spreadsheet. How do you do that? I am so glad you asked. Follow these steps to get all your previous Forms to be ready for a new year!

Re-Using Previously Used Google Forms

  1. Open a previously created Form that you want to use again this year.
  2. Click on the “Responses” tab at the top.

  1. Click “Delete all responses”. I  know this sounds scary. Do not panic. It really isn’t “deleting” anything.

  1. Click “Ok” on the warning box that comes up to tell you that in fact no data will be deleted. (I told you not to worry!)

  1. Click on the “Response” tab again. You will see that there are “0” responses now.

  1. Click on “Change response destination..”.

  1. In the box that comes up, leave the button for “New spreadsheet” checked. In the name of the sheet add the current school year. This is making another spreadsheet in your Drive with the current year as a name. Click “Create”.

  1. Now when you go back into your Drive, you will see your Form, the old spreadsheet (with all the data still there), and a new one for the current year!

You are all set!

Now you can use these Forms from Year to Year or Trimester to Trimester!

If you want these steps in a Document click Here!