Saturday, March 28, 2015

TwistedWave: Record, Edit, and Upload Audio to Google Drive

Many of us have searched to find a way to record audio quickly and easily. There are many sites/apps for this task, but sharing the recording with others is sometimes an issue. We want to be able to share with only a few steps and little hassle (oh, and at no cost). Maybe it is just a suggestion for a student about a project, some detailed plans for a sub to explain how something is done, or just a note for yourself for later. Usually it involves opening an app, recording the message, converting this audio to a mp3 or similar format, only then struggling trying to get it into your Google Drive to share with others. After what seems like a million steps you are ready to go. If only it could be easier. It is...with TwistedWave Online! You can store up to 1 hour of free audio (more available with premium features), and it is easy to do. Check it out!

  1. First, you will need to create an account and link it to your Google Account. Just go to TwistedWave Online and click on "Register".

  1. Next, click “New Document”.

  1. A pop up will appear. Approve access to your microphone and the editing window will load.

  1. Just like many audio programs, click the record button and you are off.

  1. Once you have your recording you have some basic editing options.

  1. The free version allows for mono editing. Pop-ups will appear for paid options, but all the basics are free.
  2. When you are done, just click “File” and “Send to Google Drive”.

  1. Choose your settings then click “Send to Google Drive”.

  1. Now it is now in your Drive! Share the link (URL or QR Code) and you are all set. Easy as that!

This is an easy and free tool for teachers and students to do quick and simple audio recordings that will be stored in Google Drive and easy to share.