Monday, January 21, 2013

Tech Tips:

Tech Tips
Issue 10

This Tech Tip will look at a fantastic web site devoted to sharing technology for teachers called FreeTech4TeachersThis is a great source for classroom teachers looking to integrate technology. I visit it often and follow the author on Twitter and Facebook.  He posts tweets many times each day with great technology sources.

Great Resources.
Many of the tech tools I have discovered have come from Richard Byrne’s web site/blog.  There are multiple daily updates with a new tech tool or idea.  He invites others to comment and give input on all posts.  Not only are these new and exciting tools shared, they are archived for future visits.  Every post is saved and viewable at any time from his archives (right side of his site).  This is one of the most comprehensive collections of technology tools any classroom teacher could find.  There is no need to Google search for ideas, just visit and search for what you need.  You are sure to find almost anything you need, and many ideas/tools you never even considered.

Timely updates on Twitter and Facebook.
I find the best way to keep up to date with Mr. Byrne’s postings is to follow him on Twitter.  If you have an account just follow him at @rmbyrne or go to to see his page.  If you need help setting up an account I can help you out, but you can not acces Twitter from school so you are better off setting up your account at home.  Here you will find a link each day to his postings.  Mr. Byrne also logs the same information on his  Facebook page: only accessed from home).

Professional Development.
There are additional oppertunities to learn more from Richard Byrne through webinars and PD days.  These are the only part of his service that would cost  funds.

Visit Richard Byrne’s site to get started: