Monday, January 7, 2013

Tech Tips: Evernote

Tech Tips
Issue 9

This Tech Tip will look at one of my most used and favorite Apps/websites.  Evernote is a great resource that I use daily.  It is the tool that can help organize your entire life:  classroom, school, home, personal, family, etc.   Not only is Evernote one of the greatest tools, it is FREE and easy to use!  Evernote helps you remember everything at any time.  It syncs across all the computers, phones and tablets you use.

Capture Anything: Save your ideas, tasks, projects, files, research, and more.  Just clip or add a picture, website, audio file, word/PDF document, or just about anything to a notebook and have it stored for as long as you wish.

Access Anywhere: Evernote makes all of your memories available anywhere you go.  You can access all your notes with the iPad/Android App, desktop version, or any computer that has internet access by going to and signing in.

Find Everything Fast: Search by keyword, tag, and even find text inside images.  This way you don’t lose all those notes you created. 

Evernote for the Classroom:  Evernote has a lot of uses in the classroom.  I use it for clipping websites that are helpful.  If you use Google Chrome, there is an extension that you can install that allows you to save the entire website as a note (not just the address, but the actual viewable site).  This is great for keeping all those great sites organized and not lost in your bookmarks.  Another great classroom use is student notes.  In a notebook you can create a note for each student in your room and keep notes, observation, and data for later use (conferences, phone calls, etc).  This is like the notebooks most teachers already keep, but it is accessible anywhere without having to lug around that binder.
Evernote for You:  Evernote can even help you keep organized.  You can create notebooks for your personal life as well.  You can create notebooks for holiday shopping, recipes, websites, personal lists, to-do lists, etc.  This is one of my most used apps/tools. 

Download the App on your device or visit Evernote online to get started: