Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Trello: A Great To-Do List

I am a "To-Do" list person. If it is on a list, I "might” get to it! There are lots of tools to help create lists, but Trello can top many. It allows multiple lists, drag-and-drop movement from lists, and collaboration! With the free account, you get 10 boards (think of these as a desktop with lists on them). Give Trello a try and start organizing your life!

Create an Account:

  1. Start by heading to

  2. Click “Sign In” and choose your method of signup.

  3. You will; be asked to create a Team. This is just the name of your Trello Collection.

  1. You will then be shown that you can get a free “Trial”. No need for this. Scroll to the bottom and click “Start without Business Class”. The free version gives you 10 boards.

Create a Board:

  1. Click the “+” icon in the top right corner.

  1. Click “Create board”.

  1. Title your board.

  1. You can choose an image or background color (from Trello’s library).

  1. You can name each list and add items to them by clicking “Add Card”.

  1. If you click the words of an item, there are a lot of options to add to each item.

    • Add a Description: Some details about this list

    • Members: Invite others to collaborate

    • Labels: add color to the item for easy visual sorting

    • Checklist: add and check off items on a list

    • Due Date: create due dates for list items

    • Attachment: add a Google Drive file or upload from a device or other program

    • Cover: add an image to this list item from a library

  1. You can click-and-drag items from one list to another.

  1. There is an extension (List Highlighter for Trello) that allows you to color-code all your lists as well. Here is an example of mine with the extension installed (see how each list has a color background).

Give Trello a try and see if you can get a handle on all those To-Do lists!

If you want these directions in a Document click HERE!