Friday, April 21, 2017

Hack to Change Site Font Color

Just a heads up...This does not seem to be working currently. The color does not seem to stick on other accounts or when you change pages. Not sure what happened, but hopefully this function will be working (or a true part of Sites) soon.

There was a worldwide celebration when the New Google Sites was announced. The old sites were archaic and difficult for younger students to manage. The New Sites promise easy, quick, and beautiful creations. I will admit that I really like the New Sites, but there are some things lacking. Some of the headliners missing that need adding are more style options. Embed codes, and font colors. Luckily, one of these is possible to do, although it is not a default Google setting but a “coding” process. Before you turn away because it sounds too difficult give it just a moment. This is pretty easy and quick, and even elementary school kiddos can do this. I know this because I learned how to do this from this 5th grader’s video. Kids rock, and so can you with font color changes in the New Google Sites.

  1. Open up a New Google Site.
  2. Highlight the text that you want to change the color and right click on the highlighted text.
  3. Click on “Inspect”.

  1. The page coding will appear on the bottom right side of your screen. In the bottom left dialogue box you will want to scroll down a little bit until you find the line that starts with the word “color”.

  1. Uncheck the box to the left of the word “color”.

  1. Now click the box after the word ‘color”. The color palette tool will open. Choose the color you want the text to be displayed.

  1. Close out of the coding box with the “X“ in the top right.

You are all done! You now have the ability to format text color with just a couple of click. If you change the site theme, this will be reset to the theme setting. This is an easy way to undo anything you didn’t like (just change the them and return to the one you had).

If you want these steps in a Document, click Here!