Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Create Columns in Google Documents

I have been a long time user of Google. It has been over 5 years since I have used MS Office for anything. I love everything about Drive and all the tools. Documents has replaced Word for me with only a few issues. One of them was columns. For years I have done a work around involving making a table, inserting text into cells, then making the table lines white to disappear. Those days are now GONE! Google Documents now allows the use of columns! Check out the simple steps below and start typing in one, two, or three column documents today!

Create Columns in Google Documents

  1. Create a document and click “Format” and scroll down to “Columns”.

  1. Choose one, two, or three columns.
  2. Tada! Start typing and you are Done!

  1. You can even choose to have a line drawn between the columns to separate them more by clicking “More Options”.

  1. Then choose “Line between columns” and click “Apply”.

Get Creative And Make Some Columns!

If you want these directions in a Document Click Here!