Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Discovery Education

Discovery Education is one of my favorite resources to use in the classroom. I seem to always be mentioning it to the staff I work with. There is so much available it could take many blog posts to highlight them all (I see a lot of Tech Tidbit posts in my near future)! If you are fortunate to be a Discovery Education district, enjoy it! We have just the basic Streaming Plan and there is a lot to use. Discovery is always adding new videos, training opportunities, and location based PD/events (check out DENapaloosa). Log in and check out what you may have been missing.

Training Experience:
If you have been in Discovery Education lately, you might have noticed the "Begin Your Training Experience" button below:

I am encouraging you to click on it when you have some time and go through some of the videos and slides. It is time well spent. There are many AWESOME and helpful tips! There is SO much to Discovery Education that many miss or forget about. Video Streaming is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are a few things you may want to learn about of revisit:
  • Copyright-free images, sounds, songs, & videos
  • Editable Closed-Captioning videos
  • Classroom tools
  • Board Builder
  • Student accounts
  • Classroom assignments
  • Writing prompts
  • Quizzes
  • Lesson plans from other educators
  • Free blog space
  • Much more!

Become a STAR:
Having Discovery Education is a great tool, but the "people" that make up Discovery are what make it such a truly great resource. DEN STARs are my "family" or "tribe". They are passionate educators who are always there to help, give advice, bounce ideas off, collaborate, or share resources. Being a DEN STAR has so many perks but being part of the DEN family is the best. If you have not yet applied to become a DEN STAR Educator...Do it Now! 

Here are just a few reasons why to be a DEN STAR!

Apply for DENSI 2015:
Once you are a DEN STAR Educator you are eligible to apply for the absolute best (and life changing) PD experience available. The Discovery Educator Network Summer Institute (DENSI) is unlike anything you can imagine. It is a week filled with learning, laughing, collaborating, growing, and changing. I recommend this over any other PD opportunity you may have. DENSI is offered in a new location every summer. I was fortunate to attend the last two years (2013 in Vermont and 2014 in Tennessee) and I am applying this year as well (my fingers are crossed)! If you are a DEN STAR, apply today (just don't take my spot)! 

Take a look around Discovery Education and discover what you might have been missing!

Don't forget to check out #DENchat on Thursday nights @ 8:00 and learn/share from other DEN STARS!