Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Writing Rubrics: Try ForAllRubrics

Creating rubrics for writing can be a lot of work. We all know they are the best way to assess students' writing, but they do require much planning and time. Here is where a fantastic tech tool can help out! ForAllRubrics is just the right tool! With this site, teachers can create rubrics, load class lists, and assess students' work with clicks and have the scores totaled for them.

It really is this easy:

  1. Upload students (or manually enter them)
  2. Assign rubrics to students
  3. Score by clicking the earned points
  4. Site tallies total
  5. Publish results (students get email)

Another great part is that teachers can copy existing rubrics and edit them later. This can save even more time. Check it out! Create an account and download the app. It is worth a try!