Saturday, November 23, 2013

QR Codes: More Than Just Web Links

Tech Blog QR CodeQR Codes are one of the best "shortcut" tools available. Our district has a lot of iPads, so these work well (you need a device with a camera to scan the codes). Most teachers use them for links to web sites, but I use them to link kids to other files. You can upload files into your Google Drive and the QR code opens them (see my screencast below). I have set up QR codes on student writing that takes the scanning device to an audio file of the student reading or explaining their writing. This is great for Art teachers to put codes on a piece of work and have the creator tell about it. I showed our Spanish teacher how to use them for vocabulary review where students scan QR Codes and they take students to an image or a term (see Tech Chat below). QR codes are fantastic in any classroom with devices that can scan them. Yeah...I dig QR codes!

Share Audio Files in Google Drive with QR Codes

Access Images in Google Drive with QR Codes